Swastik Group

Who We Are

There are few parallels within the annals of the construction industry that emulate the success trail blazed by Swastik Group. Over the one decades, our company has emerged together of the foremost progressive & multi-faceted land & construction entities within the city. Through the year, we at Swastik have stayed faithful our commitment to ‘building a far better territory’ by transforming barren tracts into landscaped green belts housing world class commercial, residential & recreational properties.

Swastik is corporate whose business philosophy lies within the commitment to making architectural marvels. We are hooked in to providing cost-effective & holistic solutions for our customers.

Vision & Mission

Our vision statement are often encapsulated in our corporate philosophy & motto of ‘building a far better abode’. To see, design & construct the foremost magnificent buildings & edifices; to contribute tangibly in regional development by way of key infrastructure projects, & to project & preserve the environment we sleep in.

At the top of the day, our vision is about making the sphere a far better place to measure in; to rework & uplift quality of living & working lifestyle of every & each person who comes in touch with us.